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Chrome To Show Security Warnings On HTTP Pages

Google is implementing changes as part of a wider program in October 2017 to the make the internet more secure. Sites that have “HTTP” pages will show a “Non Secure” error before loading. In particular pages where a user has to enter text in a form will trigger the warning, which will most likely affect Read more about Chrome To Show Security Warnings On HTTP Pages[…]

Google Algorithm Updates 2017

Google changes its search algorithm around 600 times a year. It’s important to keep up to date with Google’s updates as they can help explain changes in rankings, or help you to improve your Search Engine Optimisation. Most Google algorithm updates are minor, but occasionally Google rolls out a major algorithmic update that will influence Read more about Google Algorithm Updates 2017[…]

why is seo an ongoing process

Why Is SEO An Ongoing Process?

There are lots of reasons why SEO is an ongoing process, but I’m going to talk about the biggy…content. Google loves websites that are updated regularly with unique and informative content.  It likes websites to be useful and informative to users, if a site is updated regularly with fresh, unique content it will rank higher Read more about Why Is SEO An Ongoing Process?[…]