Chrome To Show Security Warnings On HTTP Pages

Google is implementing changes as part of a wider program in October 2017 to the make the internet more secure.

Sites that have “HTTP” pages will show a “Non Secure” error before loading. In particular pages where a user has to enter text in a form will trigger the warning, which will most likely affect other pages. This will affect e-Commerce and static brochure sites.

From October ALL sites on Google Chrome without “HTTPS” will display as “None Secure” with other browsers expected to follow suit.

To prevent the ‘Non Secure’ notification, we are suggesting to all of our clients that have “HTTP” pages, to setup an SSL certificate on their website . If a visitor sees a ‘Non Secure’ message when entering your website they will question your brand and the websites security, which will ultimately loose you traffic.

Changing over to HTTPS will also give your website a minor ranking boost, but remember it is extremely important that all “HTTP” pages URLs are 301 redirected to the new “HTTPS” pages.