What Would Happen if the Internet Died?

what would happen if the internet diedI’ve recently been thinking about how much we use and depend on the Internet. It has gone from being a convenience to a necessity and it’s fair to say that we’ve come to rely on it. It has come to fill the role of everything that we need and do in our lives including shopping, bills, banking, business, entertainment, a source of information as well as interacting with people and being sociable.

So what would happen? Would we all be running around like freaks or would we take it in our strides? If it were to die, it would certainly bring everything to a screeching halt. Many companies, including SEO-i are reliant on the web for their business and the global economy would take a HUGE hit with millions of people suddenly out of work.

A lot of us spend every day, if not every hour on the web, having this taken away from us would give us a real sense of loss and many people would need to find other things to do with their free time.

The Internet is also a hermits paradise, making it so that we never need to leave our houses, everything is delivered straight to our doors. We would definitely be forced to go out a lot more and libraries would once again be full of people. Perhaps this loss would cut down on obesity levels? Using the Internet takes up a lot of time and instead of sitting on our bottoms, people may opt to use their legs instead.

Not only would it be a major hassle and drain on the economy but it would also be psychologically damaging too. A lady from New York recently made herself stop using the internet as an experiment for 1 month to see how she would cope. She said that during this time she felt like she was living in a cave and that she thought it would be much easier to get off heroin than stop using the Internet. We really have become dependent on the web more than we like to think.

No email, no Twitter, no Facebook, no online shopping, how badly would you freak out without the Internet?