SEO Packages

Whether your website needs Search Engine Optimisation, or you want to give your already existing rankings a little push, or even create a great social media presence for your business, we can help.

Our packages are tailor made to fit your needs with the focus on improving your website’s visibility, which in turn will increase your revenue.  Take a look at what we have to offer.

One Off SEO

The One Off SEO Package involves 10 hours of SEO work carried out on your website to give it a kick start in the search results and get you ranking.  This includes optimising your website and teaching you what you need to do to maintain your website yourself.

The One Off SEO Package includes:

  • Analysis of your websites current rank in major search engines
  • Install Google Analytics to track web traffic
  • Add your site to Google Search Console, refine settings and submit sitemap
  • Add your site to Bing Webmaster Tools, refine settings and submit sitemap
  • Extensive keyphrase research (to ensure we target phrases people actually search for)
  • Edit meta data optimised for target keywords
  • Homepage Optimisation (this includes adding optimised text to the home page)
  • Header tag optimisation
  • Edit copy where possible to include target keywords
  • Set up and optimise Google My Business to help improve local results
  • Set up and optimise Bing Places to help improve local results
  • Add your sitemap to /robots.txt file (FTP details needed)
  • 10 external links pointing to your website to get you started
  • Create, set up and optimise a Facebook Business page, Twitter and Google Plus profile (if you already have these we will optimise them further)
  • Search Engine submission to the major Search Engines
  • Plan of Action tailored to your site to teach you what ongoing work you need to do

If we see anything else that needs doing on your website that will help improve your website’s visibility, we will also carry this out within the time.

SEO work needs to be carried out gradually in order for it to appear like a natural process to the search engines.  The One Off SEO Package is great to kick start your rankings for some top keywords, you do however need to make sure that you have the time to put in the rest of the ongoing work yourself if you want to improve your rankings even further.

The points set out in the package above are an indication of what the package includes. We reserve the right to select which exact elements will be carried out according to the nature of your business and the keywords being optimised.

Price – £300 One Off

 Ongoing SEO

SEO is an ongoing process, it takes time and effort and requires an ongoing investment if you want your rankings to continue to grow and receive a good return on investment.

As part of the Ongoing SEO Package, we will carry out initial planning and setting up methods to kick start your SEO campaign (as set out in the One Off SEO Package) which includes extensive keyphrase research, website analysis, installing Google Analytics, editing meta data and much more. We then focus heavily on getting good rankings for keywords that are highly searched for, optimise your website as a whole and carry out the important ongoing tasks listed below.

  • Ongoing website optimisation and tweaks to meta data and content
  • Write unique, quality content to add to your website where necessary
  • Link building (this has to be ongoing to appear natural to Google)
  • Regular review and analysis of your website’s analytics
  • Make changes in accordance with search engine updates
  • Run and promote competitions (If you’re happy to give away a product)
  • Social media
  • Regular reporting
  • Many more tasks depending on your websites needs

We firmly believe in Ongoing SEO and if you don’t have the time to put the work in yourself then this package is for you.

Price – £30 per hour

We can provide a minimum of 2 hours per week, but recommend a minimum of 3 hours a week.  Remember, the more time invested in your website, the better the results.

One Off Google Ads Analysis

Would you like to know if your Google Ads are set up correctly? Are they optimised to their full potential?

We will take a thorough look through your Google Ads account and report back to you addressing any concerns, and give steps on how your ads can be improved.

Price – £90 One Off

One Off Google Ads Set Up

Extensive keyphrase research
Google Ads set up
Add keywords, create ads

Price – Starting at £270 One Off depending on how many keywords you have

Ongoing Google Ads

Optimise/Maintanance of ads

Price – £90 per month Ongoing

Please note the above prices are a guide, our packages are bespoke to each client.

Social Media Set Up

There are 7.53 billion people on planet earth, over 5 billion of these people are unique mobile users, over 4 billion people are active internet users, 3.5 billion are active social media users, and 3.3 billion are mobile social media users (statistics from Hootsuite).

It’s safe to say that if you don’t have a social media presence on the web for your business, you are potentially missing out on a lot of traffic and sales!

Social media can also help to build a great reputation for your business as well as being an easy point of contact for your customers.

The Social Media Set Up involves 10 hours of work and includes a Bespoke Initial Plan of Action to suit your business, social media set up and optimisation on the main networks; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, and set up on Hootsuite (social management tool for automating posts).

Price – £300 One Off

Social Media Management

You can’t escape using Social Media for your business. Millions of people use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest to name a few, making them ideal targets for marketing.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to build and maintain a social presence on the web, we can help. No business is the same, which is why each of our Social Media Packages are bespoke to your needs.

We write all tweets and posts, schedule them to go out at peak times and interact with people. Our methods will help to build and keep a strong social following that will continue to grow as we go along. All of our methods are safe and we never buy any followers or likes, aiming to build a natural following of real and relevant people for your business.

Price – £60 per week

We can provide a minimum of 2 hours per week, delivering 1 post a day at peak times. This includes interaction time and work to build followers.

Extensive SEO Audit

Do you want to know how your website is doing in SEO terms? Or why it isn’t doing well? Or even what it needs to rank well? Our Extensive SEO Audit can help.

We will carry out an Extensive SEO Audit of your website, this involves 5 hours of work and includes a thorough review of your site, highlighting what is and is not working i.e. duplicate content, bad link building techniques, missing tags etc.

As part of the SEO Audit, you will also receive a personal Plan of Action recommending what you can do to improve things moving forwards. This will include teaching you what you need to do to optimise your website and to maintain your website yourself.

Price – £150 One Off

Google Analytics Installation

Google Analytics gives key insights into your website by tracking and reporting on your websites traffic.

We will sign up to Google Analytics, fill out all of the required settings and add the tracking code to your website to enable Google Analytics to track visitor engagement.

We will then talk you through how to use and get the most out of Google Analytics.

Price – £30 One Off

Extensive Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of SEO. By researching the keyword demand in your market, we can find the best terms and phrases to target for SEO, and learn more about your customers as a whole.

SEO is not just about getting visitors to your site, it is about getting the right kind of visitors there to help get you the conversions you need.

Our Extensive Keyword Research enables us to ensure we find the best phrases in your niche that people are actually searching for, and to see how competitive these phrases are.

We will send you our findings and our recommendations in an Excel document.

Price – £90 One Off

Competitor Analysis

An analysis of your competitors websites is a critical part of your marketing plan. With this evaluation, we can establish the strategies your competitors are using and how we can use these to increase relevant traffic to your website.

We will carry out the analysis and present to you a thorough competitor analysis report.

Price – £60 One Off

Competition Promotion

An effective way of driving lots of extra visitors to your website is through running and promoting a competition with a prize giveaway. Not only will a competition bring more people to your site, it will also increase your social following, provide you with a list of emails from entrants for future newsletter marketing, make more people aware of your brand or business and potentially generate revenue for your website.

We will promote your competition through forum posts on both generic and industry specific forums, competition sites, social channels, contacting related blogs and more.

You will be getting 6 hours of work which will include promotion of the competition and if needed copy for running the competition. We will also advise you on how best to run the competition and what is a good prize to offer. Once the work is completed we will bump forum posts a week later to give the competition an extra push.

Price – £180 One Off

SEO Optimised Blog Posts

If a website is updated regularly with fresh, unique content it will rank higher over one that just sits there doing nothing.

A blog is a great way to do this, by writing concise and engaging copy around your targeted keyphrases it will generate traffic to your site, keep your visitors coming back for more and give them reasons to purchase from you.

We recommend blogging on a regular basis. As part of this package we will spend 3 hours writing a quality SEO Optimised Blog Post and continue on a regular basis if you wish.

Price – £90 One Off

SEO Optimised Website Content

Google loves websites that are useful and informative to visitors. Adding concise and engaging content around your targeted keywords will help to generate traffic for your site and keep your visitors coming back for more.

The SEO Optimised Website Content package is great for a new website to add some keyword focussed content to or to update an already existing website.

This package involves 5 hours of copywriting time for 1 standard page. All content is unique and written by ourselves.

Price – £150 One Off

SEO Optimise Existing Website Content

If you already have great content on your website and need it optimised for your target keywords, we can help.

This package involves 2 hours of copywriting time. All content is unique and written by ourselves.

Price – £60 One Off

Remember if none of our packages are what you’re looking for then get in touch and we’ll see if we can tailor make a package to suit you.

Please note: Due to the nature of how search engines operate and in accordance with Google’s own SEO guidelines, we can make no guarantees of specific results.